Beginner’s guide to skateboarding


For beginners to become familiar with skateboarding, they have a lot of information you want to track and learn, especially those tips that can easily get familiar and proficient when playing this sport. This article mentions some basic tips to help you easily during start and some mistakes to avoid it.

Select the appropriate device

When starting to become familiar with established skateboard, go to reputable shops for advice choosing a suitable new skateboard without too concerned about the well-known brands with expensive prices. Read carefully the components and settings are set to make a skateboard includes: Wooden deck, where you stand on and have class grip to increase traction for the shoe, often have certain width of 8 inches or more makes users feel sure and secure when standing on it; Truck size commensurate with your deck, attached deck lets you turn; Wheels are usually from 52mm diameter to 55mm, to suit each style slip that you choose; Bearings help increase and stabilize councils speed.

Exercise on flat terrain

Before you intend to practice on difficult terrain as on the street, try to spend some time to exercise control over the balance as soft terrain on the lawn, or broad tapestry . For the first step on a skateboard, you’ll feel pretty shaky and scared, so be practiced slowly, step by step. Bring the left foot or right foot forward and try to straighten to get the feel of it all. When feeling really confident and good balance on the skateboard, started moving slowly like walking and holding skateboard with simple motion. You can use push to start creating speed only by taking the front foot and make a fundamental step forward, maintain and control the speed of the skateboard.

Control speed and use the brake

Then you learn how to move with greater speed, you probably will unfortunately slipped off the board, and can lead to injury if not for the protection of pads, pads for parts your sensitive when you like the joints, or quality helmet to protect the skull. Besides, a normal athletic shoes may not completely fit, instead prepare and invest in a pair of shoes specifically for the skateboarding, because it provides optimal support during exercise and performance enhancement. Typically, these shoes have exciting than sneakers, added padding around the ankle to the not injured. The easiest way to reduce the level or stop element that is used by the brake foot hind withdrawn from skateboard pull it down to slow speed until it stops completely. When starting out, you can practice controlling the speed or stop as a reflex without worry.

Helpful tricks

Typically, there are two common ways for you to stand on skis, can use his left foot placed in front, combined with the promotion of the right foot, you’ll learn how to move a natural and exciting tomorrow. You can get inspiration for skateboarding and learn useful tips from sports forums, newspapers, internet or directly involved in the club. Not only provides the inspiration, it also makes you feel this sport becomes more exciting, enjoy a fuller, are motivated to participate more practice and more gradual progress.