Freeriding – do you know?

Freeriding – do you know?

Freeriding– do you know

Freeriding or freeride is a term used in several sports such as skiing, snowboarding and so on. In longboarding, freeriding refers to several things, including an organized downhill event on a closed road; or just going down the hill with friends on an open road where there are still lots of vehicles circulating, etc.

It’s difficult to say that you and other riders will not face any obstacles or accidents during freeriding. Therefore, in order to minimize the risks and protect yourself in case the worst situations occur, you should remember following basic rules.

Rules for safety on a closed road

In order to prepare for your first time of joining an organized downhill event on a closed road, it’s better to know several important things which can be understood as basic rules applied for a lot of freeridings.

Firstly, you are forced to wear full closed helmet, gloves, kneepads and a protector for your back. You will stand at the starting line and start pushing your longboard when hearing a blast of gun and follow a starting order as follow: street lugers, rollerbladers, fast boarders, slower boarders, drift bikes and finally free-riders. A very important thing is that you always have to follow the track marshalls orders and never cross an active track if you are not permitted.

Moreover, it is similar to normal traffic; you have to overtake on the left side. Because of having many longboarders during the downhill event, so in order to ensure safety for you and other riders, you must raise your hand to inform other people of what you will do, for example, if you want to do a slide. Another important thing you have to remember is that leaving the road right after you reach the destination to not obstruct other people behind you.

Rules for safety on an open road

Riding on an open road means that you are longboarding while lots of vehicles are also circulating on road at the same time. Therefore, if an accident happens, it will lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, riders must strictly pay attention to safety rules.

Like freeriding on a closed road, before joining an open road event, you must wear a protection suit, the best one is a leather suit. Besides that, all riders must also discuss and decide about signals to use for traffic so that all members in the event will know what to do if they would like to give a signal for other ones. For example, raising a hand means “Go” or raising hands with arms crossed for “Stop” or you can use simple flags to give signals, such as red color for “Stop”, yellow color for skater down and so on.

When riding on an open road, sometimes, you will be merged into flows of vehicles on street; therefore, an advice for you is to wear something with a bright color so that your friends can see you.

The things mentioned above are easily to be done by yourself and your friends. To ensure the freeriding safer, if it is possible, you should have a car with blinking alarm lights driving down in front of your group to notify vehicles and everyone on the street to keep their eyes open. Besides that, you can find out other ways to take safety a step further.